Aerodromes & Navigation Services FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions on Aerodromes & Navigation Services
1 What is the procedure to request for approval from CAA, to build a high rise structure?
  The request should be submitted with the relevant documents to the address below.
Director General of Civil Aviation,
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka,
No.64, Galle Road,
Colombo – 03.
Sri Lanka
2 What documents should be submitted with the request to obtain approval for construction of high rise structures?
  • Architectural Building plan
  • Area Map showing location
  • Elevation - Mean Sea Level (MSL) of the location\
  • Route map to the location with prominent signage and landmarks

3 What is the charging mechanism for (a)Approval of telecom towers (b)Highrise buildings?
  Height up to 19 (inclusive) meters = Rs.2000 + VAT of 15%
Height above 19 meters = Rs.10, 000 + VAT of 15%

Height is measured from ground level of the structure.

4 What are the requirements for lighting and painting of high rise structures?
  Lighting and painting of high rise structures should be in accordance with the stipulations set out in Advisory Circular No. OC/01/1998.

5 Who is responsible for granting permission for landing and over flying of Sri Lankan airspace?
  Director General of Civil Aviation,
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka,
No.64, Galle Road,
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
Tel +94 11 2433213 Fax +94 11 2440231 email

6 What Information is needed when requesting for landing and or over flying permission?
  Click Here>>

7 How are landing charges for aircraft are calculated?
  It is calculated at the rate of 4 US$ for every one thousand kilograms
(1000kg) or part thereof. Weight of the aircraft is calculated on the Maximum
Take-Off Weight indicated in the Certificate of Airworthiness

8 How are Parking charges for aircraft calculated?
  Parking charge will be 10% of the landing charge.
Parking is free for the fist 3 hours from ATA

9 Who collects the landing and parking charges?
  Airport Manager
Airport and Aviation Services (S.L.) Ltd.
Bandaranaike international Airport Colombo
Katunayake, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 11 2252020
Fax: +94 11 2252020

10 How to obtain aviation fuel and what are the charges?
  For details contact Ceylon Petroleum Corporation. Tel: 2253376 Fax: 2252331

11 How to obtain aircraft ground handling?
  Provision of ground handling facilities and services for all aircraft operating to Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo are made by Ground Handling
Department of Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd.

Tel : + 94 1 97332357
Fax: +94 1 97335222


12 What are the en route Air Navigation charges?
  It is a flat charge based on the aircraft MTOW as detailed below
Aircraft weight, 5000kg- 90000kg = 100 us dollars
Aircraft weight, 90000kg - 175000kg = 150.00us dollars
Aircraft weight, 175000kg - 26000kg = 200.00 us dollars
Aircraft weight in excess 260000kg = 250.00usdollars.

Details are available in the GEN Section of the SriLankan AIP

13 How to obtain the AIP Sri Lanka and its amendments/supplements ?
  AIP can be purchased at 40 US$ or the equalant in Sri Lankan rupees at
applicable exchange rate from the AIS Flight Briefing Center
Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka. E-mail
Tel: 2259916

Charges for amendments, 35 US$ per year AICs are issued to subscribers
free of charge.

14 How to obtain copies of Aviation Safety Notices(ASNs) issued by CAASL?
  Copies of ASNs can be purchased at the Technical Library of CAA located at the
Ground Floor of the Civil Aviation Authority Head Office, 64, Galle Road,
Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.