Operations Section

The main role of Operations Section is to certify the Air Operators and oversee the safety of commercial aviation activities including Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air within Sri Lanka through a licensing and approval process followed by continuous regulatory safety oversight.

Certification of Air Operators, Certification of foreign Air Operators and Issuance of Dangerous Goods Transportation License are main three functions of Operations Section.

Certification of Air Operators

In terms of Section 73(1) of the Civil Aviation Act No 14 of 2010 and supplemented under the Air Navigations Regulations of 1955, Chapter xiii “Air Services Operations”, requires a person intending to operate an aircraft for Private, Aerial Work, Charter or Regular Public Transport services to obtain an authorization from Director General Civil Aviation. An Air Operator Certification (AOC) specifies the nature and scope of operations granted to an air operator together with the terms, conditions and limitations applicable to such operations.

Certification of Foreign Air Operators

Any Foreign Operator desirous of conducting regular operations to Sri Lanka will be subject to a certification process and on successful completion will be permitted to operate to Sri Lanka. When a Foreign Air Operators meets the legal and operational requirements of the DGCA Sri Lanka, Foreign Air Operator Certificate (FAOC) will be issued to him.

Issuance of Permit for Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air

An operator who wishes to transport/handle Dangerous Goods into, out of, over or within Sri Lanka must satisfy the conditions and requirements as specified in the Manual on Transport of Dangerous Goods, in order to obtain the required authorization from the DGCA.

Other Supplementary Functions

  • Renewal of Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • Certification of Ground Handling Agents in Sri Lanka 
  • Approvals of Flight Operations Manual, Weight & Balance Manual, Safety Management Systems Manual & Training Programmes
  • Approval of Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Approvals for special operations
  • Approving Airline Flight Instructors
  • Approvals for Simulators, Station facility and Training facility (foreign)
  • Approvals for Cabin Safety Manual
  • Approvals for Cabin Crew Member Training Manual and Instructors
  • Renewal of Foreign Air Operators Certificates (FAOC)
  • Renewal of Dangerous Goods Transportation License
  • Approvals of Dangerous Goods Training Programmes and Instructors

Other Required Applications

Guidance Materials (Expand upon the readers request)

    1. SLCAP 4010 2nd Edition 2004 - Manual on Regulatory Audit
      The Manual on Regulatory Audits is the guidance material for the Regulatory Audit Programme of the CAA that promote the conformance with aviation regulations and standards, which collectively prescribe an acceptable level of aviation safety. Despite the fact that many air operators have their own guidance material for the internal audits; all air operators are encouraged to use the policy and procedure in manual as a benchmark in developing such manuals.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 3.21 MB ]

    2. SLCAP 4200 1st Edition 2010 - Operations Inspector Handbook
      Operations Inspector Handbook provides the technical guidance for the conduct of Aviation Safety Oversight by the CAA of Sri Lanka. In addition the manual encompass information, policy and procedures necessary for the Operations Inspectors to perform tasks in support of the Air Navigation Regulations. The goal of the CAASL is to provide guidance that empowers personnel to conduct their tasks in a standardized manner.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 4.13 MB ]

    3. SLCAP 4205 3rd Edition 2010 - Designated Check Pilots Manual
      In accordance with Air Navigation Regulation 216 any Air Operator intending to establish checking Organization shall have the set checking organization established in conformity with the requirements of this manual. Further, ICAO Doc.8335 “Manual of Procedures for Operations Inspections, Certifications and Continuing Surveillance”, it is an accepted practice for the Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority of a State to delegate certain examining functions to Designated Personnel of the Operator.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 1.89 MB ]

    4. SLCAP 4210 2nd Edition 2015 - State Limitation of Flight Time Duty periods & Rest periods of FCM & CCM
      This Manual is prepared to give guidance to Limitation for Flight time, Duty Periods and Rest Periods for Fatigue Management of Flight Crew members and Cabin Crew members employed in Aircraft /Airlines registered in Sri Lanka for public air Transport.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 630 KB ]

    5. SLCAP 4215 1st Edition 2005 - Master Minimum Equipment List / Minimum Equipment List Policy & Procedures Manual
      SLCAP 4215 has been prepared for the use & guidance of Civil Aviation Authority & Industry Personnel and, contains all the relevant information with respect to the philosophy, development and approval of the MMEL & MEL as required by the CAA in accordance with ASN 053.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 2.26 MB ]

    6. SLCAP 4220 1st Edition 2006 - Flight Data Analysis Programme
      This document outlines good practices relating to an operators Flight Data Analysis (FDA) programme which shall eventually be a proactive and a non-punitive programme for gathering and analyzing data recorded during routine flights to improve Flight Crew Performances, Operating Procedures, Flight Frequency & Air Traffic Control Procedures, Air Navigation Services or Aircraft Maintenance and Design.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 896 KB ]

    7. SLCAP 4225 1st Edition 2010 - Operations Inspector Training Manual
      This manual is prepared with a view to outlining the Recruitment and Training Policies of the Operations Inspectors of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka and various Duties and Responsibilities to be performed by the Operations Inspectors in the performance of their duties.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 482 KB ]

    8. SLCAP 4300 2nd Edition 2010 - Cabin Crew member Manual Standard
      All Commercial operators have to submit a Safety & Emergency Procedures Manual for approval of the DGCA, prior to conduct of flight operations. This manual specifies in point form the minimum standards for content, which an air operator must include in the publication of a Safety & Emergency Procedures Manual.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 548 KB ]

    9. SLCAP 4305 3rd Edition 2016 - Cabin Crew member Training Standard
      The assignment of Cabin crew members for safety related duties on board is a requirement as per ASN 051. An operator is required to establish and maintain training programmes approved by the DGCA to be completed by all persons before being assigned as a Cabin Crew member. This manual specifies the minimum Initial & Recurrent training requirements of the CAASL for an operator to have included in its programme in order to get approval of the DGCA.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 2.36 MB ]

    10. SLACP 4400 3rd Edition 2010 - Manual on Transport of Dangerous Goods
      ANR 129 states that “no operator shall handle or transport Dangerous Goods by air without the explicit approval from the DGCA in writing”. The objective of this document is to explain in detail the conditions and requirements that should satisfy by an operator who wishes to transport/handle Dangerous Goods into, out of, over or within Sri Lanka, in order to obtain the required authorization from the DGCA.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 923 KB ]

    11. SLCAP 4410 1st Edition 2010 - Dangerous Goods Inspector Guidance Manual
      The policies, procedures and guidelines presented in this manual are designed to help the inspectors to implement the inspection programme of the Air Transportation of dangerous goods and to promote uniform understanding. The inspectors are required to be guided by the instructions contain in this manual in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 1.99 MB ]

    12. SLCAP 4500 1st Edition 2010 - Preparation and Certification of Operations Manual
      The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance to the operator in preparation of the Flight Operation Manual and to provide instructions to Operations Inspectors of Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka in approving the Flight Operations Manual of an operator. All operators are required to maintain the conformity with this manual to obtain the required approval for their Flight Operations Manual.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 1.59 MB ]

    13. SLCAP 4510 1st Edition 2010 - Manual of All Weather Operations
      The intention of this manual is to provide instructions to all air operators, those who are already authorized to carry out Category I operations and seek approval, in respect of maintenance and operation of the Aircraft in Category II and Category III weather conditions and for the low visibility take offs. Further, this is the guidance material for necessary inspectors of the CAA of Sri Lanka, delegated with the task of checking and approving such upgrade.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 919 KB ]

    14. SLCAP 4515 1st Edition 2010 - Aircraft Performance Code
      This Aero plane Performance Code (APC) is primarily intended for application to large turbine-powered subsonic transport type aero planes having two or more engines. However, where relevant, it can be applied to all turbine or piston-powered subsonic aero planes having two or more engines. It is not intended for application to STOL or VTOL aero planes. The contents of the manual indicate how performance should be determined as a representation of the performance that reasonably can be assured to exist in service.
      Click here to download [ PDF - 551 KB ]

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