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Personnel Holding the Licences Issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

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Private Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

Air Transport Pilot Licence

Air Traffic Controller Licence

Dispatcher Licence

Flight Instructor Licence

Aircraft Maintenance Licence

Aero. Station Operator Licence

Designated Check Pilots

Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopter)

Flight Operations Officer Licences 


Notice With effect from 01.01.2017, Flight Test Examiner fee will be charged by Personnel Licensing Section when the applicants make the request for all flight test letters as per the Extra ordinary gazette 1869/32 dated 02/07/2014. 90% of the fee will be paid to the flight test examiner and 10% service charge will be retained as CAA’s revenue

Training Organization & Personnel Licensing Section is dealing with the certification of personnel who perform safety critical job functions in the Civil Aviation Industry and certification of Aviation Training Organizations. It is established to carry out the functions and administrative processes leading up to the issuance of a license, rating or other certificates to those personnel and Aviation training organizations who are required to be in possession of such documents by law in order to carry out their respective job functions.

 Issuance of Personnel Licenses & Ratings

DGCA issues the following personnel licenses under the legal provisions of Chapter (vii) of Civil Aviation Act # 14 of 2010 & Chapter (v) & Sections 22 to 28 of Air Navigations Regulations of 1955 & ASNs 54, 58, 83, 97, 101, & 111, 112 and Implementing Standards 035, 036, 043, 048, 049, 051.



 Pilot Licences & Ratings


The Section issues the under mentioned pilot licences and ratings:

  1.1 Aircraft Categories
    The following aircraft categories are issued for pilot licences
  • Aero-plane
  • Airship
  • Free Balloon
  • Glider
  • Helicopter
  • Powered-lift
  1.2 Class & Type Ratings        
    The following Class Ratings are issued for aero-planes certified for Single Pilot Operation
  • Single Engine, Land
  • Single Engine, Sea
  • Multi Engine, Land
  • Multi Engine, Sea
  1.3 Type of Licences & Ratings
SPL Student Pilot Licence SPL Issuance Information Pamphlet
PPL Private Pilot Licence PPL Issuance Information Pamphlet
PPL Renewal Information Pamphlet
CPL/IR Commercial Pilot Licence/Instrument Rating CPL Issuance Information Pamphlet
CPL Renewal Information Pamphlet
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL Issuance Information Pamphlet
ATPL Renewal Information Pamphlet
GPL Glider Pilot Licence Contact Personnel Licensing Section
FBPL Free Balloon Pilot Licence Contact Personnel Licensing Section
IR Instrument Rating Contact Personnel Licensing Section
AFIR Assistant Flight Instructor Rating Contact Personnel Licensing Section
FIR Flight Instructor Rating Contact Personnel Licensing Section
GI Ground Instructor Licence/Approval Contact Personnel Licensing Section
2. Air Traffic Controller Licence & Ratings
SATC Student Air Traffic Controller Licence

ATC License Issuance Information Pamphlet

ATC Licence Renewal Information Pamphlet

ATC Ratings Issuance Information Pamphlet



ATC Air Traffic Controller Licence
ATC Ratings Aerodrome Control Rating (Ratmalana)
Aerodrome Control Rating (Katunayake)
Aerodrome Control Rating (Mattala)
Approach Control Procedural Rating
Approach Control Surveillance Rating
Area Control Procedural Rating
Area Control Surveillance Rating
3. Aircraft Maintenance Licence
AML Aircraft Maintenance Licences for Aeroplanes (A) and Helicopters (H)
  1. Category A
  2. Category B1
  3. Category B2
  4. Category C
Note: Category A and B1 are subdivided into following subcategories as;
  1. A1 and B1.1 Aeroplanes Turbine
  2. A2 and B1.2 Aeroplanes Piston
  3. A3 and B1.3 Helicopters Turbine
  4. A4 and B1.4 Helicopters Piston

AML Issuance Information Pamphlet

AML Renewal Information Pamphlet

4. Flight Operations Officer/ Flight Dispatcher Licence
FOOL Flight Operations Officer Licence FOOL Information Pamphlet
5. Cabin Crew Member Certificate
CCMC Cabin Crew Member Certificate Contact Personnel Licensing Section
6. Aeronautical Station Operator Certificate
ASOC Aeronautical Station Operator Certificate ASOC Issuance Application

Issuance of Medical Fitness Assessments

Issuance of Medical Assessment is done through the Aromedical Center established within the PEL Section under the administration of Dr. Dias with help of Medical Assessor (MA) & Five Civil Aviation Medical Examiners (CAMEs)

How to Obtain a Medical Certificate of Class 1, 2, or 3?

Refer: Aeromedical Centre

Conducting Knowledge Examinations

Refer: Examinations

Validation and Conversion of Foreign Licenses

Validation of a Foreign License & issuance of a validation Certificate is the alternative way to granting privileges of of a foreign License to exercise in Sri Lankan Registered Aircraft. Following Licenses are only undertaken for the processing.

PPL Private Pilot Licence

CPL Conversion Information Pamphlet

ATPL Conversion Information Pamphlet

FLVC (Flight Crew) Issuing & Renewal Application

CPL Commercial Pilot Licence
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence
GPL Glider Pilot Licence
FBPL Free Balloon Pilot Licence
FEL Flight Engineer Licence
FNL Flight Navigator Licence
AML Aircraft Maintenance Licence FLVC AML Issuing & Renewal Application

Approval & Certification of Flying Training Organizations

There are number of Flying Schools operating in Sri Lanka issued with a Flying School License by CAASL. Type Rating Organizations are permitted by CAASL to undertake Pilot Training for the Issuance of Type Rating of Aircraft on Personnel Licenses for Transport Type Jet Aeroplanes.

Apply for Flying School Licence

An application for issue of a flying school licence, Rating, an additional rating or for the renewal of such a Licence shall be made on a form and manner as specified by the DGCA. The applicant shall file two copies of the proposed curriculum of the school with his application and certify that he will follow the curriculum as approved by the DGCA.

For more details refer: SLCAP 3090, ASN 028

Renewal of Flying School Licence

For more details refer: SLCAP 3090, ASN 028

Instructor Approval

For more details refer: SLCAP 3090, ASN 028

TRTO Approval

For more details refer: SLCAP 3090, ASN 028

Simulator Approval

For more details refer: SLCAP 3090, ASN 028

Approved Training Organizations

Modern trend in the Aviation Industry is to conduct Perfomance Based training in most of the training in Aviation. Performance Based Training shall be conducted in an Approved Training Organization as per recommendations of ICAO.

Accreditation of Foreign Flying Training Organizations

Mechanism established by CAASL to accept Flying Schools located overseas & operated under the approval of the Local Authority.

National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) Clearance

Any pilot intending flying in the Sri Lankan Air space is required to obtain above clearance popularly known as “Security Clearance” prior to commencement of flying or flying training. NIB clearance is processed by the Personnel Licensing section & the procedure required to be followed is as per the link provided. Applicant is required to fill in the standard form & shall be handed over to the section for processing. Security clearance, once obtained, is only valid for one year from the date of issuance & required to be renewed annually by submitting the “re-vetting form”.

(Last updated on : 24.08.2015)


Procurement Notices

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