Aviation Security Section

Development, maintenance and implementation of National Civil Aviation Security Programme to meet all International Civil Aviation Security standards to ensure secure environment for civil aviation operations in Sri Lanka.

Certification of Aviation Security Service Providers

A Statutory Service Provider to be appointed as in accordance with the Civil Aviation Act No. 14 of 2010. For the purpose of providing the aeronautical services for the provision and maintenance of aviation security at international airports.

Certification of Aviation Security Personnel

All personnel including Screeners, Supervisors, Managers and Instructors who are involved in Aviation Security functions at international airports in Sri Lanka are certified according to the National Civil Aviation Security Programme of Sri Lanka.

Certification of Aviation Security Equipment

Security equipment used in the field of Aviation Security are certified.Provide required specifications for the industry as per the National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme.

Approval of Security Programmes of Airport & Aircraft Operators

All Airport and Aircraft operators are required to develop and maintain a written Aviation Security Programmes for their operations and same to be reviewed annually. Approval is granted by the DGCA on proper evaluation and recommendation by the Aviation Security Section.

Approval for carriage of munitions, explosives (class 01 DG) or any other security restricted articles by Air (Download - Application)

Munitions are not permitted to be carried by any aircraft in or over the airspace of Sri Lanka without approval of Director General of Civil Aviation. Approval for carriage of firearms and ammunition on board an aircraft is granted as per the Section 128 & 129 of Air Navigation Regulations. In addition to that Regulatory Approvals will be granted for carriage of Explosives (Class 01 DG) or any other security restricted articles by air in Sri Lanka.   

Recommendation for Issuance of Access Permits to International Airports (Download - Application)

Issuance of Access Permits to the service providers of Foreign carriers at the International airports are made by Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited on the recommendation of this office. Such recommendations are made after having verified the requirements and the duties to be performed by each entity at the airport.


Quality Control activities are carried out by qualified Aviation Security Inspectors to monitor and ensure effective implementation of international standards in civil aviation in Sri Lanka according to the approved Annual Surveillance Programme.

Conduct Training

Specialized Aviation Security Training is conducted to the stakeholders on identified areas when required and on request of state organizations to enhance the knowledge and skills in the field of Aviation Security.

Provisions of AVSEC Guidance Material for the Industry

The implementation of Aviation Security standards are frequently changed due to the advancement of technology and to encounter the development of various types of threats to civil aviation over the world. Guidance materials are issued in order to update and educate the industry on such developments and changes to maintain uniform implementation of international standards in the field of Aviation Security.

Certification of AVSEC Training Organizations

The organizations that provide aviation security training for the staff are certified by DGCA in accordance with the National Civil Aviation Security Programme.

Approval of AVSEC Training Material

Airport/Aircraft operators’ conduct training on aviation security for their staff. The training programmes/ materials that are used by airport/aircraft operators for aviation security training are evaluated and approved by DGCA prior to conduct training.

Approval and Facilitation for the Transportation of Deportees and Prisoners by Air

Special security measures are taken when deportees and prisoners are transported by air. The officers who provide escort inflightare educated on the procedures, terms and conditions need to be adhered through awareness programmes. Approval is granted by DGCA and the entities involved are coordinated.


Procurement Notices

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