Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation Unit

Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka is responsible for the investigation of aircraft accidents/ incidents within the territory of Sri Lanka involving both local and foreign commercial aircraft. The administrative functions are carried out by the Accident Investigation Unit.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) will be appointed by the Authority as per the provisions laid down in the Civil Aviation Act No. 14 of 2010 as the case may be. In addition investigators would participate in overseas investigations of accidents / incidents involving aircraft registered in Sri Lanka or aircraft which are operated by an operator of Sri Lanka as appropriate. When carrying out investigations, the appointed AAIB will gather, record and analyze all the available information on the accidents and incidents, determine the causes and/or the contributing factors, identify the possible safety issues and draw up safety recommendations to address these safety issues to rectify them and complete the investigation report. 

The sole objective of an investigation of an accident is the prevention of accidents and incidents due to similar causes in future. It is not to apportion blame or liability.

Regulatory Material on Accidents and Incident Investigation

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