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The technical library of Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, mainly focuses on providing the information needs of CAASL employees, in addition the CAASL technical library assists the airline industry to access information related aviation industry.


  • All the latest International Civil Aviation Organization Annexes to the Convention, Publication and technical manuals.
  • Regulations – Local & other CAA’s regulations
  • Aviation General Publications (Flying, Airline management Airworthiness)
  • Annual Reports – Aviation, Non-Aviation
  • Training materials (CAASL Staff)
  • Accidents Reports
  • Electronic format
    • Picture library – CAA important events, historical events etc.)
    • Aviation related publications, regulations, training materials etc.)


  • The main services targeting the internal staff are
    • Lending of library materials
    • Provision of current updated documents
    • Maintain of sectional libraries
    • Provision of aviation related news to the top management.
    • Circulation of updated library catalogue
  • The main services targeting the aviation industry professionals
    • Provision of reading facilities
    • Provision of photocopy facilities
    • Provision of aviation related publications with cost recovery.
    • Selling of publications to the Airline industry.

Library Hours

Library is open to readers from 9:00 am to 4.00 pm. CAASL library is closed on weekends & public Holidays.

Salable Publications

  Description Amount (with tax) LKR
01 Photocopy of a document or Scanning At price determine by the DGCA taking in to account cost in relation to production Taxes
02 Electronic copy per disk At price determine by the DGCA taking in to account cost in relation to production Taxes
03 Dangerous Goods manual (SLCAP 4400) 1290.00
04 Airworthiness Inspectors Hand Book (SLCAP 6200) 4460.00
05 Cabin Crew manual Standards (SLCAP 4300) 1290.00
06 Foreign Air Operator Certification (SLCAP 4105) 6454.00
07 Annual Reports of CAA 258.00
08 Cabin crew member training standards (SLCAP 4305) 4519.00
09 Designated Check pilots manual (SLCAP 4205) 3226.00
10 Air Operator Certification manual (SLCAP 4100) 3872.00
11 Flight Data analysis (SLCAP 4220) 2582.00
12 Flight Operations hand book 6454.00
13 Guide to Obtain Air Transport Providers Licence 879.00
14 Master minimum equipment list manual (SLCAP 4250) 645.00
15 Pilot Log Book 938.00
16 Engineering Personal Log Book 1290.00
17 Issuance Aviation Safety Notices (Original)  
  Pages 1-10 76.00
  Pages 11-20 153.00
  Pages 21-30 762.00
  Pages 31 or more for each additional page 7.00
18 Aircraft/Engine Log Book 938.00
19 IFR Maps 904.00
20  Old edition of an ICAO document 1/25th of the price marked. 


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