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CAASL Shifts its Office from Colombo to Katunayake

Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, which is located at No.4, Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 2 has started shifting its office to a new building located at 152/1, Opposite Radar Hill, Katunayake- Minuwangoda Road, Katunayake, with effect from 16.01.2018. It is expected that the office shifting process will go on for upto 31.01.2018 and consequently, the members of the public are informed that the services delivered by the CAASL are likely to be adversely affected. Hence it is advised to avoid the abovementioned period when seeking services from the CAASL.

However, in case of an urgent need for the services of the CAASL, the Members of Public may contact the respective Heads of Sections on the contact numbers given below.

Additional Director General - 0763467673

Director Aerodromes - 0770547080

Director Air Navigation Services - 0772566676

Director Aviation Security - 0773520586

Director Aircraft Operations - 0777382252

Director Aircraft Registration and Airworthiness - 0763837700

Director Training Organizations and Personnel Licensing - 0763817700

Director Air Transport and Economic Regulation- 0773130027

Director Human Resources and Office Management - 0773347405

Director Finance and Revenue Management - 0773688977

Director Research, Development Planning and Special Projects - 0763807700

Director Internal Audit and Quality Survey - 0777352082

CAASL regrets very much the inconvenience caused to the members of the public in this regard.



The Regulation 180, 184,185,186, 187 and 251 of Air Navigation Regulations of 1955, Chapter XIII “Air Services Operations”, requires a person intending to operate an aircraft for private, aerial work, charter or regular public transport services to obtain an authorisation from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), which is referred to as an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). The Air Operator Certificate specifies the nature and scope of operations granted to an air operator together with the terms, conditions and limitations applicable to such operations. An operator is required and expected to ensure that all operations undertaken are well within the requirements specified in the AOC

Classification of Operations;

  • Private Operations: is in which an aircraft is used for the private use of the owner. Carriage of any person or cargo in this aircraft shall not be for hire or reward. Carriage of goods shall be for purposes other than for trade.

  • Aerial Work Operations:is in which an aircraft is used for the following purposes.
    • Aerial observation
    • Aerial spotting
    • Pest & disease control
    • Seed sowing
    • Advertising
    • Flying training
    • Ambulance functions
    • Carriage for purposes of trade, of goods which are the property of the pilot, or the owner or the hirer of the aircraft: or
    • Police or customs functions or the services of a Government department.

  • Charter Operations: is in which an aircraft is used for the carriage of passengers or cargo for hire or reward to or from any place, but which are not conducted in accordance with fixed schedules to and from fixed terminals

  • Regular public transport operations: is in which aircraft are used for the carriage of passengers or cargo for hire or reward in accordance with fixed schedules to and from fixed terminals over specific routes with or without stopping places between terminals.

  • Foreign Air Operators: is in which aircraft are used by other states  to conduct operations into Sri Lanka

No aircraft shall be used for any class of operations unless the particular type of aircraft is approved in writing for such use by the DGCA. All requirements that a person shall comply in order to obtain an AOC is specified in SLCAP 4100-Air Operator Certification Manual which can be referred to under Guidance Material All persons intending to operate aircraft under the classification of Foreign Air Operator shall comply to the requirements as specified in SLCAP 4105-Foreign Air Operator Certification Manual.

Refer: Operations


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