Frequently Asked Questions on Aviation Security

1.  Can I carry firearms/ weapons & ammunition on board an aircraft?
Yes. You can only in the cargo hold and you are required to obtain a written approval from DGCA.
2.  How can I obtain the approval?
You are required to submit a written request with relevant details/documents to DGCA.
3.  What are the relevant details/documents?
  • Letter of approval from Ministry of Defence & Urban Development.
  • Flight Details:- Date, Time, Flight number and route
  • Details of the firearms/ weapons & ammunition (serial numbers, quantity, type, make, caliber and other accessories)
4.  How long does this process take?
24 hours after submission of the request (during working days)
5.  Can I send firearms/ weapons & ammunition as air cargo?
Yes, you can. You are required to obtain a written approval from DGCA.
6.  How can I obtain the approval?
You are required to submit a written request with details/documents mentioned above (FAQ 3) along with the airway bill number to DGCA.
7.  Can I carry a knife/Pair of scissor in my hand luggage?
No, you can’t, but you can carry such items in your checked/hold luggage. Also there are some items which could not allow to carry in your hand luggage. Those are including:
  • Knives and Cutting Tools – including sabres, swords, cardboard cutters, hunting knives, souvenir knives, martial arts devices, professional tools and such other knives with blades of 6 cm long or longer and / or knives considered illegal by local law.
  • Bludgeons – blackjacks, billy clubs, baseball bats or similar instruments.
  • Disabling or Incapacitating Items – all tear gas, mace and similar chemicals and gases, whether in pistol, canister or other container, and other disabling devices such as electronic stunning / shocking devices.
  • Other Articles – such items as ice picks, alpenstocks, straight razors and elongated scissors which, even though not commonly thought of as a deadly or dangerous weapon, could be used as a weapon, including toy or “dummy” weapons or grenades.
8.  Are there any alternative arrangements for the screening of passengers who with pacemakers at the airport without passing through walk through metal detectors?

Yes. Passengers requiring special handling, such as pregnant ladies, passengers carrying high-value material, passengers with pacemakers and passengers with reduced mobility, are screened in a separate location without using walk through metal detectors. However passengers are required to make a request from the security staff at the screening point.


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