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Index Nature of Occurrence Date        Location Operator Brief Description Report Title
 1 Accident 04th Dec. 1974 Maskeliya, Sri Lanka    Martinair  Aircraft collided with rising terrain as the crew descended the aircraft below safe altitude owing to incorrect identification of their position vis-a vis the airport Report on the Accident in to Martinair DC-8, PH-MBH on 4th December 1974 at Theberton Estate, Maskeliya, SriLanka 
 2 Accident  15th Nov. 1978  Vicinity of the Bandaranayake International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka  Loftleider Icelandic Airways  Collision with rising terrain caused an accident into Loftleider Icelandic  Report of Accident into Loftleider Icelandic Airways airraft DC-8-63F, TF-FLA on 15th November 1978 at Katunayake, Sri Lanka
 3 Incident  17th April 1998  Colombo TMA on ATS Route G-465 A320 and DH-8  Near Miss incident between Airbus A320 out bound to Maldives on the climb and DH-8 inbound to Colombo descending from flight level 230  Final Report - ATC near miss incident on 17th April 1998
 4 Accident   24th March 2000  Kadirana, Negombo, Sri Lanka  Skycabs(Pvt) Ltd  Accident to Sky Cabs flight AN-12 due to fuel exhaustion while attempting to land at the destination  Final report of accident into Sky Cabs AN-12 aircraft, RA-11302 on 24th March 2000 at Kadirana, Negombo, Sri Lanka
 5 Accident  11th April 2001 Bandaranayake International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka  Sri Lankan Airlines  Smoke ingestion into the cabin which resulted emergency evacuation  Final report of Emergency Evacuation on SriLankan Airlines flight UL 557, A330, 4R-ALD on 11th April 2001 at Bandaranayake International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka 
 6 Accident   08th Sept. 2005  Bandaranayake International Airport,Katunayake, Sri Lanka  Saudi Arabian Airlines Emergency evacuation after being alarmed by the bomb threat lead to an accident Final report on Accident of Saudi Air Flight SV781, Boeing B747-368, registration HZ-AIP on 08th Sept. 2005 at Bandaranayake International Airport, Katunayake, Sri Lanka
 7 Accident 16th Oct. 2005 Bandaranayake International Aircraft, Katunayake, Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Airlines Collision between maintenance platform vehicle and stepladder during disembarkation, caused a passenger to fall through the gap created Final report on Accident of SriLankan Airlines Flight UL316 Airbus A330-243, 4R-ALA on 16th Octomber 2005 at Bandaranayake International Airport Katunayake, Sri Lanka
 8 Serious Incident  02nd Dec. 2006 Colombo Airport, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka Aero Lanka Aircraft overran the threshold of runway Final report on Serious Incident of Aero Lanka flight RNL 106, HS 748 series 2B, registration 4R-SER 02nd Decemper 2006 at Colombo Airport, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
 9 Incident  01st June 2007 Bandaranayake International Airport, Colombo SriLankan Airlines In the pre-departure maintenance check, while replacing deflated nose wheel tyre, the aircraft nose wheel Jack pedestal depressed into the concreted parking floor by shifting the aircraft slightly towards the right hand Incident of Srilankan Airlines Flight UL163 A320-211, Registration 4R-ABF on 01st June 2007 at Bandaranayake International Airport, Colombo, Sri Lanka
 10 Incident 05th June 2007 Colombo Airport, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka SriLankan Airlines Incident due to aircraft landed on runway without extending landing gears Final report on Incident of SriLankan Airlines flight UL 5302, DHC-3T, Registration 4R-ARB on 05th June 2007 at Colombo Airport, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
 11 Serious Incident 15th October 2007 London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom SriLankan Airlines A ground collision occurred when Airbus A340-311 attempted to pass the Boeing B 747-436 that was stationary on an adjoining taxiway, at night Final report on Serious Incident to Boeing 747-436, Airbus A340 4R-ADC, at London Heathrow Airport on 15 October  2007. This investigation conducted & report issued by AAIB, United Kingdom
12 Incident  13th Oct. 2008  Chennai International Airport, India  SriLankan Airlines  Aircraft port outboard wheels overran the runway edge lights at Chennai International Airport India  Final report on Incident of SriLankan Airlines flight UL121 Airbus A330, 4R-ALC on 13th October 2008 at Chennai International Airport India
 13 Incident 21st February 2008 Colombo Airport, Ratmalana  Expo Aviation Incident of aircraft return back due to engine fire warning Final report on Incident of Expo Aviation flight EXV 711, F-27, Registration 4R-MRA on 21st February 2008 at colombo Airport, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
 14 Incident 05th Feb 2012 London Heathrow Airport  SriLankan Airlines  The aircraft started its takeoff from a runway intersection for which no regulated takeoff weight chart was available in the aircraft. The pilots calculated performance using a chart for a different runway which did not consider obstacles relevant to the runway in use. The takeoff and subsequent flight were completed without further incident   Final Report on SLA incident(very low T/O), A340, 4R-ADG on 05th Feb 2012 at London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom



Incident 14th June 2014  Paragasthota, Milleniya, Sri Lanka   Detachment of a wheel during flight Final Report on Incident Millennium Airlines Pvt Ltd, Cessna 152, 4R-DJD on 14th June 2014


Incident 01st May 2015 En-route to Colombo(Flight from Sharjah to Colombo) Mihin Lanka First Officer failed to enter into the flight deck due to PIC not responding to the door call bell Incident of Mihin Lanka Flight MJ408 (SHJ-CMB), Airbus A321, bearing registration 4R-MRC on 01st May 2015


Incident 08th Oct 2014 En-route to Colombo(TRZ to CMB) Srilankan Airlines The flight UL 134 returned to base(TRZ) due to a technical reason  Incident of SriLankan Airlines Flight UL134, Airbus Industrie A320-200, bearing registration 4R-ABL at Tiruchirappalli International Airport, India on 08th Oct 2014 



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