Open Skies at Mattala Rajapakse International Airport (MRIA)

The Government has decided to adopt full Open Skies policy for commercial aircraft operating into and out of Mattala Rajapakse International Airport, with immediate effect. MRIA which is located in the Southern Province in Sri Lanka, has a code 4-F runway of  3400 meters in length which is capable of accommodating Airbus A380 aircraft.


According to the new policy, the following opportunities would be available.

  • All Nine freedoms of the Air  (pl see the appendix) to be made available to any local or foreign airlines for commencement of operations based in MRIA for both local and international passengers and cargo operations on first come first serve basis.
  • Self-handling facility or Ground Handling Services at very competitive prices.
  • Concessionary landing and parking charges.
  • Investment opportunities for establishment of MRO facilities or aviation related business activities with land being made available on well thought and properly designed land use planning.
  • Permission to put up airline/MRO own hangar facilities on a design to be approved by the airport authorities.
Last Update: 13-12-2017.
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