Registration of Suppliers and Contractors

Applications are invited from reputed Developers, Resource Persons, , Suppliers, Manufacturers, Accredited Agents, Contractors, Registered Service Establishments, Workshops and Garages who wish to register themselves with the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) for supply of goods, services, expert advice or  business solutions listed below. Interested suppliers may register with the CAASL by submitting an application self prepared in the following format. The terms and conditions applicable in this respect is given hereunder.

Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer,
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka,
No.4, Hunupitiya Road,
Colombo 02.

Goods and Supplies for which registration is sought :

Year:____________Item No: _______ Table No: ________ Item Description: __________________

  1. Company Name/ Name of the Person:-
  2. Address:-
  3. Telephone No:-
  4. Fax No:-
  5. E-Mail Address:-
  6. Name of Contact Person:-
  7. Period of Credit and Amount:-
  8. VAT Registration No & copy of certificate:-
  9. Cheque/Invoice No & Amount:-
  10. Other significant information:-
  11. Date and Signature of the Officer-in-Charge:-


  1. The applicants should forward separate applications according to format mentioned below for each item/service for which he wishes to register himself indicating the item/service number, table number and description clearly as given in the advertisement.
  2. Applications should accompany with non-refundable remittance of Rs. 200.00 as registration fee for each item/service.  Payments should be by cheque drawn to Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer.   Payment of registration by cash to the Shroff, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka during working days (between 9.30 am - 2.00 pm) is also possible.  Applications not accompanied with registration fee will not be considered.
  3. CAASL reserves the right to reject any application that does not meet the expected requirements.
  4. Quotations will be called from the list of registered suppliers, but the CAASL reserves the right to obtain offers or invite tenders from those who have not registered with the CAASL, when necessary.
  5. Supplier/Contractor may register at any time of the year. But for a supplier to be qualified for supply of any goods or service to the CAASL, he shall have been registered with the CAASL at least three months prior to the date of calling for quotations.
  6. Suppliers who fail to communicate when requested or fail to effect delivery regularly, or whose supplies are not in conformity with the specifications or samples, will be removed from the register of suppliers without notice.
  7. Suppliers who fail to make supplies or render services after quoting will be removed from the register of suppliers without notice.
  8. Priority is given to the suppliers, who wish to provide credit facilities to the Institute, when purchasing items and the amount and period of credit available, should be indicated in the application.
  9. All envelopes containing the applications should be marked “REGISTRATION OF SUPPLIERS AND CONTRACTORS” and the item/service expected to be registered on the top left-hand corner and forward under Registered Post to the Director General of Civil Aviation and Chief Executive Officer, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka at No.4, Hunupitiya Road, Colombo 02.
  10. Further details can be obtained from 011-2358800 - Deputy Director / Finance Management of the CAASL

  1. Stationery and Office requisites
  2. Building Materials (Bricks, Tiles, Metal, Sand, etc.)
  3. Electrical and Electronic Appliances, Accessories and Fittings
  4. Hardware, PVC Pipes, Plumbing Material and Sanitary Ware
  5. Spares and accessories for motor vehicles
  6. Tyre and tubes.
  7. Batteries for Motor Vehicles
  8. Office tools and equipment
  9. Computers, Printers & related Items
  10. Accessories related to computers
  11. Printing papers
  12. Furniture (Wooden and Steel)
  13. Paints and Varnishes
  14. Refrigerators and Air conditioners
  15. Scientific, Laboratory and Measuring equipment
  16. Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware and Consumables
  17. Sawen Timber
  18. Workshop Machinery, Equipment and Tools.
  19. Safety or Security Equipment.Fencing materials (Fence Post, Barbed Wire, etc).
  20. Machinery
  21. Uniform materials
  22. Gas Cylinders with gas
  23. Floor tiles/wall tiles
  24. Mobile Phones
  25. Traveling Bags
  26. Knives
  27. Plants (mango, papaw, pepper, cashew, etc.)
  28. Motor Cycle
  29. Water pumps
  30. Utensils
  31. Crockery
  32. Bed sheets, Towels and Door and Window Curtains
  33. Garden chairs
  34. Tents 
  35. Artifacts, Gifts and Souveniers
  36. Mosquito Nets
  37. Mosquito Repellents

  1. Janitorial Service
  2. Security Service
  3. Cleaning Service
  4. Laundry Service
  5. Transport Service
  6. Pest and Insect Control Service
  7. Catering Service
  8. Printing Service
  9. Translation Service
  10. Insurance Service
  11. Typing and Short-hand Service
  12. Secretarial Service
  13. Courier Service
  14. Interpretation Service
  15. Civil Construction work (those who have (ICTAD) Registration).
  16. Renovation of office buildings and quarters.
  17. Motor Rewinding
  18. Printing and Binding
  19. Welding & Iron Works
  20. Servicing and Repairs to Motor Vehicles and Tractors
  21. Servicing and Repairs to Motor Cycles and Three Wheelers
  22. Servicing and Repairs to Air Conditioners and Refrigerators
  23. Servicing and Repairs to Laboratory Equipment
  24. Servicing and Repairs to Office Equipments
  25. Servicing and Repairs to Computers, Printers and UPS
  26. Servicing and Repairs to Water pumps and generators.
  27. Servicing and Repairs to Low Tension Power Lines.
  28. Servicing and Repairs to Tractor Trailers and Water Bowsers
  29. Servicing and Repairs to Field Equipment
  30. Back-how machine services (Cutting Pits and Removing Trees)
  31. Cargo clearing service (Laboratory equipment, Chemical etc.)
  32. Transport Services (Fertilizer and General Items)
  33. Transport of Staff Members for Official experimental work
  34. Estate activities (fencing etc)
  35. Interior decors and curtaining
  36. Consultancy services(Construction of Building, Road /Electricity Supply/Water Supply, etc)
  37. Preparation of Bills of Quantities, Drawings for Construction and Renovation of Buildings
  38. Audio Visual Material Suppliers & Video Producers
  39. Print Material Designers
  40. IT solutions and maintenance
  41. Foods (Lunch & Short eats)
  42. Event Organization
  43. Staff Training & Counseling

  1. Building materials
  2. Spare parts of vehicles
  3. Types of paints & materials
  4. Supply of gravel, lawn pads
  5. Concrete Fence Post

  1. Construction & repairing of buildings
  2. Repair of fences
  3. Software Development and IT solutions for CAA duties and functions
  4. Employee Disciplinary matters
  5. Employee Grievance Handling
  6. Maintenance of roads and drainage
  7. Masonry work on contract basis
  8. Carpentry work on contract basis
  9. Welding works on contract basis
  10. Gardening and horticulture on contract basis



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