Notifying person should provide whatever information is able to gather as soon as possible without waiting for all the information to become available.

Details omitted from the notification may be provided later, when they become available.

a)      In the case of an accident the identifying abbreviation "ACCID" or, in the case of a serious incident, the identifying abbreviation "INCID";

b)      the type, model, nationality and registration marks of the aircraft;

c)      the names of the owner, operator and hirer (if any) of the aircraft;

d)      the name of the commander of the aircraft;

e)      the date and time (UTC) of the accident/ serious incident;

f)       the last point of departure and the next point of intended landing of the aircraft involved;

g)      the position of the accident in relation to some easily defined geographical location and the latitude and longitude of such location;

h)      the number of -

  • crew on board and the number killed or seriously injured.
  • passengers on board and the number killed or seriously injured.
  • other persons killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident.

i)        the nature of the accident or incident and the extent of damage as far as is known.

j)        Physical characteristics of the location in which the accident or incident occurred

k)      Presence and description of dangerous goods, if any that were being carried on board the aircraft

l)        Identification & contactable details of the notifying person

where the accident or serious incident occurred outside Sri Lanka, the means by which the investigator-in-charge and the Accident Investigation Authority of the State of Occurrence may be contacted at any time;


Procurement Notices

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