Registration of Ground Service Providers/ Fixed Base Operators/ Trip Support Service Providers/ Ground Supervision Agents

A Ground Service Provider or fixed-base operator (FBO) (also known by the names of ‘Trip Support Services’ and Ground Supervision Agent) is an organization granted the right to operate at a civil airport and provide aeronautical services such as re-fueling, provision of hangar facilities, tie-down and parking, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, flight instruction, and passenger facilitation or similar services to aircraft operating into and out of the airport. Most FBOs doing business at airports are non-governmental organizations, i.e. either privately or publicly held companies.
Hence it is necessary that such FBO organizations are registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka in order to ensure that they would provide a professional and dependable service to such operators, whilst conforming to the applicable civil aviation safety and security requirements.
The following directive has been issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation and all the concerned parties are hereby advised to follow the instructions issued by him.

Last Update: 23-02-2018.
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