Personnel Licensing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Personnel Licensing

Medical Examinations

What are the days on which the Medical Examinations are held?
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

At what time will the Doctors be available for CAA medical Examination?
From 1000hrs - 1200 hrs
How can one make an appointment for a medical examination?
By telephoning 2433213 - Ext612 or 2436552

Could one fill the forms and make the payment the same day of the medical examination?

If one wants to take up flying after studies, could he get a medical test done at CAA medical center?
Yes. Call over the phone 2433213 - Ext612 or 2436552
Is it necessary for a current foreign medical Certificate holder to undergo a CAA Sri Lanka Medical Examination too?
Yes. Because it is a CAASL requirement

 Security Clearance
How to verify whether one's Security Clearance Report had been received by CAA?
If received it will be published in the web site
Is Security Clearance Report sent to Sri Lanka Air Force as well?
If sent It will be published in the web site
 How can one convert foreign pilot licence to a Sri Lanka pilot licence?
i. Complete CAA application
ii. Complete personal particulars form
iii.Complete medical application form
and handover those to counter in PEL section,6th floor of CAASL together with originals and copies of the following documents for scrutiny
Foreign licence
Foreign medical certificate
Any other required supportive documents according to the application
How could one renew a lapsed CPL?
Renew Security Clearance
Renew medical examination
Renew student pilot licence
Renew flight experience
Appear for the theory exams if necessary
Undergo a flight test
Call over at PEL section counter on 6th floor,CAASL if any further information required.
Does CAA have a schedule to hold Air Law Examination for conversion of foreign pilot licences?
NO.But examinations are conducted on request to facilitate the applicants
How to obtain the syllabuses of PPL/CPL examinations?
From the Technical Library located at the ground floor of the CAASL
Could one obtain study material for the PPL/CPL exams?
No. You can refer books in the Technical Library. Could get photocopies.
Could a licence be collected by a third person?
No. If it is a new licence holder will have to call over personally to sign the licence.
If it is not a new licence Yes. But with written authorization from the holder.

What are the Flying Schools available in Sri Lanka?

Asian Aviation Centre (Pvt) Ltd
Colombo Airport, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka
Tel: 94112632999, 94112635163
Fax: 94112611540

Skyline Aviation (Pvt) Ltd.
104/3, New Airport Road, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka
Tel: 94114210300, 9411911511
Fax: 94114210250