Aviation Statistics

 Aviation statistics are collected from relevant organization pertaining to passenger cargo    and mail movements in and out of BIA-Katunayake.

Data is obtained from following sources
  1) National Carrier (Srilankan Airline Ltd).
  2) Scheduled foreign Airlines.
  3) Non-Scheduled foreign Airlines.
  4) Airlines operating for cargo services.
  5) Airlines operating domestic passenger services.
  6) Airports & Aviation (Sri Lanka) Ltd.

 Compiled statistics are provided to the following parties/Organizations.
  1) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is provided with Air traffic data on
    monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  2) Director General of Civil Aviation.
  3) Travel agents.
  4) Embassies.
  5) Ministry of Ports & Aviation.
  6) Department of Census & Statistics.
  7) Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
  8) Data is supplied to Students, Research institutions, Airlines on request.
  9) Tourist Board.

Air Traffic at Bandaranayake International Airport in Sri Lanka - Commercial Air Transport-(data)

Passenger and Cargo Movements for 2000 to 2007 by International Airlines

Domestic Airline Flight Operation for 2002 to 2006