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28 March 2023

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27 March 2023

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Instructions to the applicants on New Medical Appointment call up system Aeromedical Services of CAASL, decided to revamp the procedure for obtaining appointments for medical examination with effect from 15th February 2023.

All applicants are requested to use the Medical Appointment call up system to obtain an appointment for their medical examination. This automated system will provide facility to choose a date of your convenience after 7 days of completing the medical investigations.

To book an appointment : Go to CAASL web site home page and click on icon "Aeromedical Appointments".

Or use the Link:

Hence, you are requested to follow the below mentioned procedure.

1. Do the required medical investigations at a CAASL designated Hospital by using the Medical Certificate or the prescription given by AMS.

2. Once the testing are done, log into the link given through CAASL web site.

3. Fill your profile details and choose a date for the medical examination after 7 days of completion of investigations.

4. Please follow the instructions given by the system to confirm the appointment.

Note: please ensure the medical investigations are done as early as possible within 45 days of medical expiry to avoid unnecessary inconveniences as this system allows you to make appointment after 7 days of completion of investigations.

Aeromedical Services

Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka

The Department of Immigration and Emigration has introduced an Online filling of the Arrival Cards (for Foreigners) and Departure Cards (For Sri Lankans) as indicated in the notice below. The related link is as follows:

Click Here to Visit














Please follow the guidance in the attachment until a Special Direction is issued by the CAASL.

Click Here to Download Circular issued by the Ministry of Health

Please note that the maximum transit time allowed for passengers at BIA is increased up to 24 hours with immediate effect. 
The Airline(s) involved are required to look after the needs of the passengers during such transit periods. 

Please be informed that the National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO) has been terminated from Covid-19 activities and therefore there is no requirement to submit pre-arrival information to it anymore. 
Any changes to above will be duly notified.