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Chinese Government donates medical supplies to the Civil Avi...

19 March 2021

The Chinese Government donated a stock of essential medical equipment...

හදිසි තත්වය පාලනය වෙනුවෙන් කැපවූ ආරක්ෂක අංශ නිලධාරීන් ඇගයීමට...

23 February 2021

පසුගිය දෙසැම්බර් 30 දින කාර්යාල පරිශ්‍රය තුල විදුලි කාන්දුවක් හේතුවෙන්...

In order to maintain and ensure safe operation at water aerodromes and compliance to the regulation and standards promulgated by the DGCA.


  1. Written request by the operator to DGCA along with detailed survey report of the water body.
  2. Completed questionnaire provided by Central Environment Authority.
  3. Approval by the Water body owner
  4. Approval by the local government agencies (Variously; Divisional secretariats, Coast conservation authority, Mahaweli authority etc...)

Approval procedure

  1. Reviewing of details to check the compliance.
  2. Acquire approvals from the relevant stake holders.
  3. Physical inspection to check the safety and other compliance.


Satisfied the above, Subject to an applicable fee the approval will be granted by DGCA to the operator for operating of water aerodrome. The approval is valid for one year.