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05 April 2024

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04 April 2024

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In the year 2008 a group of volunteers in the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) formed a Sri Lanka Aviation Club (SLAC) funded by themselves. The objective of this club was to enhance the knowledge of the school children on aviation. In order to achieve this objective SLAC published a magazine which contained aviation related articles and started conducting education programmes on civil aviation in schools. With the spread of work in scope and depth, it was considered necessary to formalize the working arrangement of the SLAC, so that the CAA could take overall responsibility of such work and allocate resources as required.

In this context, it was decided to convert SLAC into a committee appointed by the CAASL under the powers vested in the CAASL in terms of section 6 – (1) and (2) of the CAASL Act No.34 of 2002 to support the execution of its mission.

The Committee was established  with the name “Civil Aviation Development & Education Committee” (CADEC) on 26 August 2010 to foster development of aviation industry in Sri Lanka for planning, designing, organizing and conducting necessary educational and awareness creating activities and programmes for the general public, aiming especially at the younger generation, thus contributing to achieve CAA’s mission.

The core activities of the CADEC include the following,

  • The quarterly issuance of “Guwansara”, an aviation related educational magazine
  • Setting-up of School Civil Aviation Societies under CAASL registration and guide to operate their societies.
  • Design and implementation of aviation awareness programmes for School Civil Aviation Societies
  • Design and implementation of competitions among School Civil  Aviation societies
  • Maintain CADEC web page in the CAASL web site
  • Smooth functioning of the National Committee for promotion of civil aviation among school Students
  • Any other activity that the CAASL may require the CADEC to attend

Up to now 13 issues of “Guwansara” Magazines published, established 586 School Civil Aviation societies under CAASL registry, conducted 43 school aviation awareness programs within 04 years Island wide, essay competition among school civil aviation societies Island wide and conducted 02 National Committee meetings.

If you are interested in setting up of an Aviation Club (Society) in your School, please contact us as given below.

CADEC formed a National Committee with the volunteers who offer their services in order to further strengthen the school civil aviation societies, with the concurrence of Ministry of Education. The National committee consists of teachers, principals and administrators from 25 districts alone with the aviation professionals, representatives from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, Airport & Aviation Services (SL) Ltd, SriLankan Airlines Ltd and Mihin Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

The committee has developed 06 pronged strategies as follows;

  • Develop a booklet for the guidance of civil aviation societies in schools.
  • Create a proper channel to control and maintain civil  aviation societies in schools
  • Design and implement a common action plan for all civil aviation societies in schools
  • Organize a contest annually among civil aviation societies in schools
  • Prepare a system / booklet  to guide the children who wish to choose carriers in the field of aviation
  • Conduct aviation awareness programmes jointly by CAASL, AASL, SLA and Mihin in the future.

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