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In order to safe guard obstacle free Zones around airports and airspace required for Air Navigation, Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka issues Preliminary height clearances and Height clearances for erection of buildings, antennas and structures within areas identified below;


  1. Any building or structure to be erected above the heights specified in the following Regulation/Orders where respective Airport Protected areas are Gazetted.
    1. “Sri Lanka Aerodromes” (Zoning) Order No.1 of 1975 for Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo Ratmalana Airport and Jaffna International Airport.
    2. Hambantota International Airport Protected Area Order No. 01 of 2012
    3. Batticaloa Airport Protected Area Order No.01 of 2017
  2. Other than Gazette airport protected areas, any erection or height increase of a building or structure around airports and Water Aerodromes mentioned below are controlled as per the Obstacle Limiting Surfaces detailed in IS 30 as applicable. (Click here to Visit Implementing Standards)
    1. Water Aerodromes
      1. Bentota River
      2. Kelaniya River
      3. Polgolla Reservoir
      4. Water’s Edge /Diyawanna oya
      5. Victoria Reservoir
      6. Mawella Lagoon
      7. Castlerigh Reservoir
      8. NuwaraEliya / Gregory Lake
      9. Tissa Tank -Tissamaharama
      10. Koggala lagoon
      11. Batticaloa lagoon
    2. Land Aerodromes
      1. Anuradhapura Airport
      2. Gal Oya / Ampara Airport
      3. Hingurakgoda Airport
      4. Koggala Airport
      5. Katukurunda Airport
      6. Sigiriya Airport
      7. China-bay Airport – Trincomalee
      8. Vavuniya Airport
      9. Wirawila Airport
      10. Palavi Airport


Applicant who intends to construct building or structure and situated in areas mentioned above shall submit items a), b) and c) mentioned below for preliminary height clearances.

Applicant who has an approved building plan and intends to construct a building antenna or structure in areas mentioned above shall submit items a) b) c) and d) mentioned below for height clearances.

In line with above conditions applicant shall submit below documents to the Authority.

  1. Filled application or the request letter addressing DGCA. (Click here to visit Applications). If it is from a company then the letter should be in company letter head.
  2. Location map (Color printout of Google Earth image of the location ; highlighted)
  3. A copy of certified survey plan of the land
  4. Certified (by Chartered Architect or Chartered Engineer) council size Architectural drawings (Elevation/ section Plan).

Submission of the above can be done either by post or personally.

Procedure and issuance of the clearance letter

After assessing of the application and the supporting documents, the Authority may issue a clearance letter to the applicant subject to the applicable fee.

Physical inspection of the location may require prior to the issuance depending on the location of the construction.