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04 August 2021

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There are number of Approved Flying Training Organizations operating in Sri Lanka issued with a Flying School License by CAASL. Type Rating Training Organizations are permitted by CAASL to train the licence holders for issuance of additional Aircraft Type Ratings.

Requirements for certification of ATO/TRTO have been published in Implementing Standard 67 (Click here to Visit Implementing Standards) and the guidance has been published in SLCAP 3090. (Click here to Visit Guidance Material)

An application for issue of a Flying School licence / TRTO permit shall be made on a form and manner as specified by the DGCA.

Application can be downloaded from the following link.

Renewal of Flying School Licence

Flying School licence / TRTO permit will be valid for maximum period of one year. Application for renewal of Flying School Licence together with the supportive documents shall be submitted to TOPL section prior to the date of expiry.

More details can be found in Implementing Standard 67 and SLCAP 3090.

Applications can be downloaded from the following link.

Accreditation of Foreign Flying Training Organizations

Mechanism established by CAASL to accept Flying Schools located overseas & operated under the approval of the Local Authority.