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09 May 2024

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06 May 2024

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As per the Implementation Standard 37 issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation , in order to check the compliance to standards promulgated and to ensure the safe operations at the aerodromes, the land aerodromes specified in 2.1 shall be subject to be certified. (Click here to Visit Implementing Standards)

Certification required by

  1. An operator of an aerodrome intended for international air transport operations shall be in possession of an aerodrome certificate.
  2. An operator of an aerodrome intended for domestic operations for public use shall obtain an aerodrome certificate if the average number of aircraft movements per day exceeds 30 movements and the maximum passenger seating capacity of the aircraft employed in the operation exceeds 30 seats.
  3. An operator of an aerodrome for which an aerodrome certificate is not required may nevertheless apply for an aerodrome certificate.

Procedure for the certification and issuance of aerodrome certificate

  1. An applicant shall apply to the Director General of Civil Aviation for an aerodrome certificate requesting to authorize the applicant to operate an aerodrome at the place specified in the application.
  2. The application must be in the form prescribed by the Director General of Civil Aviation in IS37 (Attachment No. CA-IS -2015-ANS-001-Att-02) and shall include the Aerodrome Manual for the aerodrome. (Click here to Visit Applications)
  3. Before granting an aerodrome certificate, the Director General of Civil Aviation must be satisfied by the Aerodrome Operator that:
    1. The aerodrome facilities, services and equipment are in accordance with the standards specified by the Director General of Civil Aviation;
    2. The aerodrome's operating procedures make satisfactory provision for the safety of aircraft;
    3. The Aerodrome Manual prepared for the applicant’s aerodrome contains all relevant information and an acceptable safety management system is in place at the aerodrome;
    4. The applicant operate and maintain the aerodrome according to the applicable procedures.
  4. The Aerodrome certificate will be granted after verification for satisfactory compliance by the operator

Guidance for the certification

The aerodrome operator to follow requirements in Implementing Standard (IS) 37 and IS 30 for purpose of obtaining aerodrome certificate. (Click here to visit Implementing Standards)

Renewal of an aerodrome certificate

90 days prior to the expiry of aerodrome certificate the Aerodrome Operator shall submit an application form with an updated copy of the Aerodrome Manual to the Director General of Civil Aviation requesting the renewal of the aerodrome certificate.