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Civil Aviation Medical Center is the designated facility, located at first floor of the CAA building which is functioning for the purpose of certification of personnel for their Physical & mental fitness to exercise the privileges of the Licenses issued. Facility is open from 8.30 am to on all working days and is staffed by a qualified Nurse for the convenience of the Aviators who require certification of medical Fitness.

Routine Medical Examinations for all categories of Student Pilots, Private Pilots, and Professional Pilots and for Air Traffic Controllers are held on Monday to Friday of the week from 10.30am – 01.00pm, by the special panel of Medical Examiners of the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka.

Medical Assessor

Air Vice Marshal (Rtd) Dr. N.H. Gunaratne
MBBS (Sri Lanka),
Diploma in Aviation Medicine (D.Av.Med, Royal College of Physicians, UK),
Course in Aviation Medicine (Bangalore, India),
Diploma in family Medicine (Col).

CAASL is obtaining the services of Dr. Herat Gunaratne as the designated Medical Assessor holding responsibilities as stipulated in ASN 54 para 4.8 who is also responsible for the conducting of Medical Board s for the assessment of medical conditions of License holders, under Para 4.9 of ASN 54

Senior Civil Aviation Inspector - Aviation Medicine

Dr. I. B. J. Dias
MD (Russia), ACCAM (Monash University, Australia),
Diploma in Health Resource Management (Defense Institute for Medical Operations, USA) Certificate of Human Factors in Aviation (IATA).

The Panel of the Medical Examiners at present (Last Updated 1st January 2018)
Name Qulification
Dr. Mrs. Anomi Jayasinghe MBBS (Sri Lanka),
Certificate of Aviation Medicine, Melbourne, Australia.
Dr. C. M. Asela Anthony MBBS (Colombo),
MRCGP (Int),
Diploma in Aviation Medicine (Pakistan),
Diploma in Family Medicine,
Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety,
Dr. Kanishka Weerasena MBBS (Karachi University),
Certificate in Aviation Medicine (Singapore Aviation Academy).
Dr. Bimal Dias MD (Russia),
Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM),
Diploma in Health Resource Management (Defence Institute for Medical Operations, USA) Certificate of Human Factors in Aviation(IATA)
AVM Dr L. R. Jayaweera MBBS (Ruhuna),
Diploma in Av. Medicine (USA),
MSc in Management (Defence Studies)

How to obtain a Medical Certificate

Medical Examinations are held on advance booking & appointments shall be obtained from Aeromedical Center, CAA (Mr Shantha 011-2358974) during office hours for Initial & Renewal medicals for Licences. The applicants will have to give at least two days' notice for an appointment medical examination, and liaise with the Aeromedical Center, CAA and the stipulated fee will have to be paid to the Accounts branch of the CAASL and the receipt is to be produced to the Nursing Officer for the appointment on the desired day. Then the medical examination form (FORM CAA/PL/01) is issued and after completing the form shall produce it to the Nursing Officer for the preliminary check and then the medical form and the personnel medical file will be forwarded to the Medical Officer for the final assessment.

Refer Pamphlet:

Those who are found to be not meeting the identified medical standards for a particular Class of a Medical Examination, due to physical, mental, biological and functional deficiencies will be referred to Consultants of various specialties and their opinion shall be obtained. Subsequently they will be tried on a Medical Board by the panel of medical Examiners headed by the CAASL Medical Assessor and the decision will be taken on the best judgment giving due consideration to safety of traveling public.

Time Table for consultancy of the Aero medical Centre

Every Week

Monday 1030hrs – 1300 Hrs
Tuesday 1030hrs – 1300 Hrs
Wednesday 1030hrs – 1300 Hrs
Thursday 1030hrs – 1300 Hrs
Friday 1030hrs – 1300 Hrs

Medical Checks