Applications now open for AML Examinations 02/2023. Closing date for Applications on 12th June 2023.

Instructions to the Applicants on New Licensing Procedure

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Data & Analysis

Aviation Data, Statistics and Reports

Air Transport Sector – Recent Performance (2023.01.01 - 2023.04.30)

Passenger Movements
Uplifted 1,190,636
Discharged 1,089,965
Total 2,280,601
Cargo Movements
Loaded (MT) 28,704.52
Unloaded (MT) 18,768.92
Total (MT) 47,473.44
Aircraft Movements
Scheduled 13,447
Non Scheduled 546
Total 13,993

Finance Statistics

Aviation Safety Monitoring Statistics

ICAO Audit Statistics

Environmental impact of Aviation Emissions

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